Check the update on your wallet,Get ready for mainnet migration.

Check the update on your wallet

Get ready for mainnet migration.

Your passphrase determines if you get to reap your mined pi.

Keep it safe and don’t lose it… Remember you can’t recover it once its lost

Mine at a higher rate while you can. Don’t miss out!

Here is the Pi invitation code Seng999 and steps to create and secure your Pi account.

1. Use your correct name to sign up to prepare for KYC, and there is a function to hide your name in the profile.

2. Verify your phone number to secure your Pi account, incase you need a password recovery.

3. Create Pi wallet, never share or lost your Pi wallet passphrase! Passphrase is the key to access your Pi wallet.

4. Confirm Pi Wallet in the Pi checklist

5. Set up “Pi Lockup”

6. Mining everyday to wait for the KYC and Open Mainnet.

I am sending you 1π! To claim your Pi, follow the step below.

Step 1: Download the official “Pi Network” App on the Play Store for Android or the iOS store for Apple.

iOS Apple Apps Store:

Android Google Play Store:

Official website:

Step 2: Select Mobile phone, go through the regristration setup, using first name last name as per your indentity card, this is prepare for KYC later, and use the invitation code Seng999 for 1π free

Step 3: In the Pi Apps profile, verify your account using mobile phone number option

Step 4: Create Pi wallet and familiarise the Pi wallet function by sending some Test Pi.

Step 5: Confirm Pi Wallet in the Pi CheckList.

Step 6: Setup lock up rate. In the Pi App menu, click Mainnet, click Configure lock up Rate, adjust the lock you want and click save. Must click save to make the setting effective.

Step 7: Mine Pi all day by pressing the ⚡button once every 24 hrs. That’s it!

Follow the Pi update at the Pi Apps main screen and the chat room. Happy Mining!

For more information is in the following link or PM me.

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