Aavegotchi Turns to Aagriculture with Ingenious Farming Update

Society of bear-market defying apparitions, Aavegotchi, continues to inspire wonder in the spookiest corner of the blockchain. This time, turning to their extreme tactical nous to introduce an ingenious farming update into the Gotchiverse.

Through this latest grand update, dwellers of the Gotchiverse will see the lovable spooks return to their humble farming roots where they will engage in honest toil and reap heavenly Alchemica rewards. This is all in preparation for the inevitable invasion of the formidable ‘Lickquidators,’ the hidden enemy lurking in the Gotchiverse shadows.

nce live, the incredible new feature will see three brand-new installations arrive in the ecosystem, with ‘Harvesters’ collecting the delicious Alchema, ‘Reservoirs’ storing it, and ‘Makers’ facilitating upgrades to the machinery. Throughout the operation, different Harvesters and Reservoirs will exist for each of the four Alchema. Once collected and stored, gamers can then empty their Alchemical silos one time every 8 hours.

The ingenious outfit will look to bedevil its community starting from 10am EST on July 20 on Polygon Mainnet with an accompanying Discord party. However, those with a passion for the ghostly, can experience the dry run on Mumbai Testnet a whole week earlier.

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